Thursday, September 26, 2013

New York New York

Good morning  New York ! 6am bright and early at time square I decided to take a walk from the grand central station to my hotel on the south end of Central Park

After the slightly long walk and absorbs the city busy hustle and bustle I basically just checked in, chucked my bag, take a quick shower and head out to spend my cash as fast as I could at the 5th ave before meeting up with my friends and heads up to the Yankees stadium at the Bronx 

After the military operation shopping I head back to the hotel dropped all my stuff then catch the yellow cab ala New Yorker towards broadway after a lovely another giant burger lunch we decided to take a walk around TriBeCa and Soho for a quick drinks before the game

After a few locally brewed ale we feel refreshed and ready to go to the game. This time we decided to catch the subway it was a very interesting subway journey both to and from along with all of the Yankees and Red Sox supporter

Of course my team the Yankees won that night and I'm very content

Now good night New York....

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