Monday, November 25, 2013

Annual Mt Perisher Snowboard trip

It's that time of the year again, 6 hours 3am drive, I'm not driving this year though I'm bit gutted since I don't mind a long drive once in a while.

First day when we get there there is not much snow at all it's just patches and I'm kinda dissapponted and that day we ended up hanging out at the bar for some beer.

We checked into our holiday house it's a 2 bedroom with a lovely view of  Lake Jindabyne and just chill out for the night and hoping that the forecasted blizzard will actually come true.

Oh! And yes I woke up with slightly sore head (thank you beer) but with a smile on my face heh! My wish came true! It's white outside covered on snow horraaayy

We are so excited that we ran out of the door to get to the slope. The drive was exciting, the road and creeks are all covered in snow.

It was a lovely day with consistent snow keep on falling and dry air to keep the freez the only thing that was annoying me was the snow making machine, it blows straight to my face, so really i felt like im eating snow all day long. I have improved alot during this trip i can actually go up and down the mountain with both side, did more runs than before and of course less fall when i actually get off the lift. The next step for me will be picking up more speed and be more confident on a more narrow slope.

Before we go back to the city we need to somehow digg the car out of thr snow

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